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Here are some of the uplifting and tremendous benefits of Table Tennis:

  • Affectionately nicknamed Ping Pong, Table Tennis activates every cell of your body
  • It exercises every joint in your body
  • It coordinates the left side of your brain (verbal-analytical) with the right side (visual-spatial)
  • It disciplines your mind
  • It opens great opportunities for new friendships/relationships building healthy social skills
  • It indeed can create powerful physical fitness and balanced wellbeing for you, your friends, your business, your family, etc., all at relatively minimum injury risk

For those who invest sufficient passion, Table Tennis Tournaments and ventures can be their ticket to rise from anonymity to celebrity with accompanying benefits, which include self confidence, physical and mental fitness, honor, wealth and a meaningful life.

Start playing Table Tennis today and experience the enormous difference it will make in your coordination and the joy that comes with "I CAN DO IT!"

Dr. Noble, a champion in his earlier years before he went to medical school, recommends individuals getting involved right from the beginning with playing, practicing and getting used to the Table Tennis table, paddles and balls prior to reading books or articles about the sport. This enables  your individual UNIQUE brain to freely design and create a play-style without being bogged down or derailed by the proclivities and prejudices of writers. First practice to design and develop your play-style, then read for information to improve your skill.

According to Dr. Noble, the key points for a beginner to be aware of with regards to Table Tennis should be the following:

The fundamental instrument in this exciting and elegant game of Table Tennis (ping pong) is the Table Tennis table. By convention, it measures nine feet long, five feet wide and two and a half feet from the floor, and the

quipment from industry leaders such as (not in order of magnitude) STIGA, BUTTERFLY, KILLERSPIN, JOOLA, etc.

You are never too young or old to begin learning how to play the noble game of Table Tennis. Indeed, for some wsurface must be uniformly flat. Other instruments used as part of the game of Table Tennis are often collectively referred to as the table Table Tennis accessories, which include Table Tennis paddles, also known as rackets or bats, Table Tennis balls, Table Tennis nets, etc.

  • The standard ball dropped from about 12" high above the Table Tennis table must rebound about nine inches or three quarters of a foot and measures 40 mm. The Table Tennis net divides the table in equal halves and must be about six inches above the table.
  • The game of Table Tennis runs eleven points (used to be 21 points). Service changes every two points and the game must be won by two points or more, hence, the Table Tennis game can go beyond eleven points when there is a deuce that is a 10-10 tie.

Are You in the Market to Buy Table Tennis Equipment? The most important choice is the Table Tennis table. Follow Dr. Noble's simple recommendations:

The Table
For your home and family recreation: It would be worthwhile to invest in a basic, durable and high quality table from a reputable manufacturer – PRICE RANGE $300.00 to $400.00– such as Stiga Model 8135 (Competition).

For your office, hotel lobby or your organization, durability, quality and ease of storage are paramount – PRICE RANGE $400 to$ 550 – such as STIGA T8127 or T8108.

Gyms and YMCA's and physical fitness centers as well as karate center where tournaments may occur – PRICE RANGE table from $550 to $750 – such as STIGA STS 375 or STS 410Q.

For Professionals and rated championships, tables starting $750.00 such as STIGA STS 510.

Ping Pong Paddles
For children beginners, Dr. Noble recommends starting with sponge-less piped out shake-hand Table Tennis paddles or plain natural wood. Purchase one of each to see which would be easier and comfortable. Then progressively graduate as skills improve to padded anti-piped (smooth surface) rubber paddles when ready for spinning and cutting. This will afford the child a worthwhile experience with different paddle surfaces.

An adult beginning with recreational purposes may start with any paddle that can be comfortably gripped. It is generally not a good idea for beginners to start with fast paddles (more than 2 mm thickness) as these are relatively difficult for a novice to control.

PRICE RANGE $35 to $55 for beginners and $75 and up for tournament. Remember to change the rubber as soon as it starts to wear out.

Ping Pong Balls
Two to three stars will be fine for a beginner. Remember, if training for Tournament, move to the high end Table Tennis (Ping Pong) equipment as soon as possible.

Enjoy Table Tennis excellence – order Your supplies today! Table Tennis tables, paddles, balls, shoes, shirts, and shorts. You deserve the very best!

Minimum order: $100

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