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Juic Ecolo Shot VOC-free Speed Glue

Juic Ecolo Shot VOC-free Speed Glue
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VOC-Free Water-based Long-Lasting Speed Glue, approved by ITTF!
With Ecolo Shot, you will enjoy the great spin, speed, and power of speed-glue, without the VOC. The effect lasts 8 to 10 days. Can be sent by air. This product is legal under the new ITTF gluing regulations.

How to use:

1) Apply Ecolo Shot on the sponge and let it dry for approximately one hour.
2) For more speed glue effect, you can repeat the apply-dry process extra times.
3) After the sponge perfectly dries, apply Ecolo Shot on the blade and let it dry.
4) Put together the blade and rubber.

Note: It may be more difficult to paste the rubber with Ecolo Shot the first time, but it is easier after the 2nd time. The thicker the glue layer on the sponge, the easier it is to paste.
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