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Juic Ecolo Expander II

Juic Ecolo Expander II
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JUIC ECOLO EXPANDER II is the NEW, IMPROVED sponge expander. It has a better booster effect with MORE SPEED and MORE POWER. And the effect comes much quicker--less waiting time for the sponge preparation! This is NOT a glue. It is an AMAZING Revolutionary high-tech alternative to speed glue! Lasts for the life of the rubber! Non-toxic! ITTF Legal! OK to send on an airplane! This is a super-effective sponge preparation that expands your sponge like speed glue, but without the glue and toxicity, plus there is no need to re-apply. Imagine an expanding speed-glue effect that lasts almost forever! Directions: 1) Apply Ecolo Expander II evenly to the sponge of the new rubber. 2) Wait 6 or more hours until the sponge absorbs Ecolo Expander well. 3) Wipe any remaining Ecolo Expander off the sponge with tissue or cloth. 4) Put glue on the sponge and blade and put them together as usual. (regular glue is effective, or speed glue can be used).
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