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Nittaku Speed Axel (Cloth)

Nittaku Speed Axel (Cloth)
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Speed Axel is a sponge expander that works, feels, and sounds like speed glue, but is VOC-free and legal. Lasts 10 or more days. Speed Axel (Cloth) is a cloth that is pre-soaked with sponge expander in an airtight foil package. This treated cloth is an efficient way to uniformly apply the sponge expander. Place the cloth on the sponge side of your rubber. The sponge slowly expands and bulges as if it was speed glued. After about three hours the sponge expansion is complete. Then you must use glue to adhere to the blade (glue not included). The Speed Axel Cloth comes in a re-usable ziplock foil pouch. Available with one or two cloths per package. Can be sent by air shipment.

Use gloves (included) so that hands do not directly touch the Speed Axel. Keep tightly closed in the foil bag when not in use.
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