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Paddle Palace Robot V-989-D

Paddle Palace Robot V-989-D
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Paddle Palace 989-D (Deluxe) Robot is the best robot at the best price for the advanced player. Two friction wheels offer great advances in spin options. Multiple oscillation options, ball recycling and net collection system, and much more!

Truly Deluxe! Great Advances in SPIN Options for topspin, underspin, sidespin, and no-spin!

*Two friction wheels, for multiple spin options
*Multiple Oscillation Options
*Very durable, made with high quality materials
*Ball Recycling and Net Collection System
*Rolls easily from table for easy storage
*No-Jam, easy-feed engineering

Paddle Palace 989-D (Deluxe) Robot offers great advances in SPIN settings. The main difference from the earlier 989 robot (and other robots) is that instead of one, there are two friction (ball throwing) wheels driven by two independently controlled motors, making it possible to set the amount of spin of the ball separate from the speed setting. So you can set a great range of spins on the ball; from light to heavy topspin, underspin and sidespin. And also no-spin (dead balls). High-quality, sturdy, reliable, and easy to set up and operate. Designed with an automatic ball recycle and net collection system. No jamming or ball-blocking! No assembly required. Comes ready to play! Rolls from storage to table for very quick setup/take-down. Convenient robot controls from player’s side of table. Adjustable ball frequency 30 to 90 per minute - Adjustable ball speed 4 to 35 m/sec - Advanced oscillation options. Your purchase includes: FREE shipping to contiguous USA. FREE 10 dozen Nittaku Young Star orange Balls.
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