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Paddle Palace Robot 989-F

Paddle Palace Robot 989-F
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NEW! The Paddle Palace 989-F Robot has arrived!
The 989-F has the new programmable sequencing system. One throw wheel.

NEW! Programmable Sequencing!
*As many as 50 shots in a sequence
*Repeat sequence as many times as you want
*Program to stop after any number of balls
*Random Long/Short ball Feature

Programmable Ball Sequence:
The new user-friendly control box is designed to look like your end of the table. There are 11 landing spot buttons starting from the far left to the far right. With an easy touch of the finger, you can pick the precise landing spots for up to 50 shots in a routine.For example, if you want the first two balls to land wide to your backhand, the next two balls to land wide to your forehand, the next five balls to land in the middle of the table, you push button #1 twice, button #11 twice, then button #6 five times. You now have a sequence of 9 shots that will repeat as many times as you want. You can also save your program for using the next time you play.

Random Long/Short Feature:
The new control system also has a Random Long/Short Feature. A single push of the Random Long/Short Button, and the robot will randomly land the balls slightly shorter or longer on the table in the sequence that you have programmed.

Ball Counter:
There is a Ball Counter on the new control box that you can set to shoot any number of balls (up to 999) in the sequence that you have chosen. For example, if you have set the Ball Counter to 300, and you have programmed a 20-shot sequence, the robot will repeat the 20-shot sequence until it has thrown 300 balls and then will stop.

Paddle Palace 989-F Robot features:

*One friction wheel
*Fixed & Alternative Oscillation
*Very durable, made with high quality materials
*Ball Recycling and Net Collection System
*Rolls easily from table for easy storage
*No-Jam, easy-feed engineering

High-quality, sturdy, reliable, and easy to set up and operate. Designed with an automatic ball recycle and net collection system. No jamming or ball-blocking! No assembly required. Comes ready to play! Rolls from storage to table for very quick setup/take-down. Convenient robot controls from player’s side of table. Adjustable ball frequency 25 to 95 balls per minute - Adjustable ball speed 9 to 111 miles per hour. Advanced oscillation options. Your purchase includes: FREE shipping to contiguous USA. FREE 10 dozen Nittaku Young Star orange Balls.
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