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2007 World Championships Men's Singles

2007 World Championships Men's Singles
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The 2007 World Championships DVD's from Zagreb, Croatia. Men's Singles. Available for ordering individually or as a set of 8 DVD's.
Fantastic coverage of the exciting matches, from the second round through the final.
Multi-camera broadcast quality picture and production.
Two to four full matches per two hour, action-packed DVD.
Slow-motion replays. Study every shot and technique known to the sport to imporove your own game!

Men's Singles DVD 1
Zoran Primorac(CRO) vs Lee Jung Sam(KOR)

Ma Lin(CHN) vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov(GER)

Wang Hao(CHN) vs Bastian Steger(GER)
Jean-Michel Saive(BEL) vs Joo Se Hyuk(KOR)

Men's Singles DVD 2
ROUND 3 continued
Vladimir Samsonov(BLR) vs Chen Weixing(AUT)
Lee Jung Woo(KOR) vs Hao Shuai(CHN)
Jun Mizutani(JPN) vs Gao Ning(SIN)
(JPN-SIN match has Japanese commentary--- the only way this match was available)

Men's Singles DVD 3
Ma Lin(CHN) vs Leung Chu Yan(HKG)
Hou Yingchao(CHN) vs Wang Liqin(CHN)
Gao Ning (SIN) vs Vladimir Samsonov(BLR)

Men's Singles DVD 4
FINAL 16 continued
Ma Long(CHN) vs Joo Se Hyuk(KOR)
Chen Qi(CHN) vs Hao Shuai(CHN)

Men's Singles DVD 5
FINAL 16 continued
Chuan Chih-Yuan(TPE) vs Wang Hao(CHN)
Ryu Seung Min(KOR) vs Oh Sang Eun(KOR)

Men's Singles DVD 6
FINAL 16 continued
Timo Boll(GER) vs Kalinikos Kreanga(GRE)

Ma Lin(CHN) vs Vladimir Samsonov(BLR)
Joo Se Hyuk(KOR) vs Wang Hao(CHN)

Men's Singles DVD 7
Timo Boll(GER) vs Ryu Seung Min(KOR)
Hao Shuai(CHN) vs Wang Liqin(CHN)

Ma Lin(CHN) vs Wang Hao(CHN)

Men's Singles DVD 8
SEMI-FINALS continued
Ryu Seung Min(KOR) vs Wang Liqin(CHN)

Wang Liqin(CHN) vs Ma Lin(CHN)
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